TRAVEL TIPS...Be well prepared when traveling.
Following these tips will reduce complications as
well as making your trip safer, easier and much more pleasurable.
Travel InsuranceMake sure you have adequate medical insurance coverage. Advise your insurance company of your destination and verify that you are covered. for medical evacuation.
Make CopiesMake copies of your itinerary and leave it with friends or family. It’s also a good idea to make photocopies of your passport. your Itinerary
Check Local LawsFamiliarize yourself with the laws of the countries you will visit. This includes road signalization, drinking and driving, and drug laws. OBEY THEIR LAWS!
Security and Health RisksTake a look at “Travel Advisory” on the home page of this Web site. Be aware of potential problems, security risks and health. concerns in various parts of the world. Look for Travel Warnings and Travel Health advisories
PassportMake sure your passport will not expire before you return home. It is wise to ensure that your passport has six month validity
Tag your LuggagePut your name and phone number of your destination. Your cellular number is also a good idea. Don’t put your home address. Doing so, shows that the house is probably empty.
Don’t Invite ThievesBefore you leave the house, cancel your newspaper delivery. Use timers for the lights. Arrange to have your grass cut or your driveway cleared of snow.
Watch out for PickpocketsA pickpocket can rob you of your money, passport, and jewelry in a matter of seconds. A good preventive measure is to carry a money belt around your waste for excess money, credit card, passport, etc. Be very wary of groups close to you
Identity TheftBe aware that a thief can scan the information on your passport and credit card only by being near you. It is wise to carry these documents in a RFID wallet which will help prevent such theft.