Asia is by far the world’s largest continent covering one third of the world’s land surface.
It’s also home to over 4 billion people, almost two thirds of the world’s population.

If Asia is on your agenda, here are 5 incredible places to see. Delightful Singapore is definitely a must-see.
For tranquility and unspoiled beaches, Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands are also a must.
Then there is Angkor Wat in Cambodia for their ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples.
Many of the top attractions can be seen in the Japanese capital of Tokyo.
And the Unesco World Heritage site of Hoi An in Vietnam is of total natural beauty. But there is so much more to see.
Check out these places below.


The Middle East is a region mostly in Asia, except for Egypt which is located in Africa,
and comprises mainly of the countries listed below. Even though there are many areas of conflicts and turmoil,
tourism has increased significantly in the last decade to over 60 million visitors of which most are from within the region.

Some must-see places are: The mosques and mountains of Oman; the wealth and beauty of Abu Dhabi;
the panoramic vistas of Jordan; the spiritual cities of Israel; skiing in Beirut;
the glitzy malls and boutiques of Qatar; walking the trail of Jesus in Galilee, and so much more.